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How To Have Power of Attorney Having power of attorney means that you are the legal representative of a particular person and can act on his or her behalf on certain decision regarding finances or property. A power of attorney is very practical if the person you are representing is incapacitated or does not have the ability to make sound decisions. Sometimes, people sign a power of attorney to give other people the responsibility of making the decision instead. These being said, if you have been given a power of attorney to act in behalf of a particular person then know that it comes with some responsibilities. Here are some tips on how to properly get a power of attorney.

Know what comes with the power. Basically, once someone signs a power of attorney making you the legal decision maker for a property or financial investment, you are actually given the power to make the decisions without consulting the owner of the particular property or investment. Now, you may actually handle this power with some dignity and honor, some people tend to abuse the power by making decisions with a personal agenda in mind. On that note, it is imperative that if you are given this type of legal power that you exercise it wisely and honorably. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility; quoting Spiderman seems pretty apt today.

Know what type of power of attorney you will get or have. Typically, there are two kinds of power of attorney. The most common type is the single transaction power of attorney otherwise known as temporary. This second type is quite common when it comes to distributing assets should a person become deceased. The moncler outlet store will along with a signed power of attorney will be given to a person that is tasked to handle everything stated and specified on the will.

Know what you need to get a power of attorney. First off, you will need the actual permission and go ahead from the person. If yes, then you will need to draft and have him sign a power of attorney. You can follow a strict format or can download a template of the form that you can simply fill up and sign. Once signed, it needs to be notarized to become legally official.

Know that moncler outlet the power can be taken away from you. A power of attorney can be revoked. For instance, if the person sees that you are abusing the power given to you or realize that your services as legal representative is not necessary anymore, then he revoke the power of attorney anytime.


Aside from these knowhows, you may want to know that you need not be a lawyer or actual attorney in order to get a power of attorney. Any person for can use the document as long as his or her name is perfectly stated on it.

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Off Is An Overreaction And Buying Opportunity Losing a major customer is never good in any business. When moncler outlet store it co mes to the spas on cruise ship business, losing one entire cruise line would have a large impact on revenue and earnings. However, what investors did to Steiner Limited (NASDAQ:STNR) after losing Celebrity Cruises, seems like an overreaction.

Sales of Steiner Limited were down 15% in early trading on Monday after the company announced it will not have its contract with Celebrity Cruises renewed going into 2014. Steiner appeared to be disappointed, but assured investors that the loss of Celebrity Cruises will cut out $0.24 or less in annual earnings per share.

Steiner Limited is a worldwide provider and innovator in beauty, wellness and education. The company has distribution channels on ships and in land based spas. Other smaller sources of revenue include health clubs, department stores, and third party retail outlets. Steiner Limited products can also be found at airports and on QVC.

The loss of Celebrity Cruises will not go unnoticed. The company's products are on over 150 ships, including those from Carnival (NYSE:CCL), Royal Caribbean (NYSE:RCL), Princess, and Norwegian (NASDAQ:NCLH). With strong partnerships with the other cruise lines and expanding sales of key products in stores, the loss should be minimal to Steiner in 2014 and going forward.

In fact, land based brands like Elemis, Mandara, Bliss, and Remede continue to see strength in sales and are approaching 100 locations. Landbased customers include Caesar's Entertainment (NASDAQ:CZR), Hilton Hotels (NYSE:HLT), Marriott Hotels (NASDAQ:MAR), and Planet Hollywood locations. Sales of product brands were up 16.3% in the third quarter and continues to be the key source of growth and diversification away from just cruise ship revenue.

Ideal Image, Steiner's laser hair removal product line, is used in 124 treatment centers that bear its name. Seventeen of those locations license the brand from Steiner and pay franchise fees. Ideal Image is in 31 states and Canada. Ideal Image revenue increased 35% to $31.6 million. This represented 15% moncler outlet of total third quarter revenue. The company will also open 10 additional Ideal Image locations in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year.


Third quarter earnings in October came in ahead of analysts' expectations. Revenue of $214.8 million, was a 5% increase from the prior year and came in $0.5 million ahead of estimates. Over the first nine months of the year, revenue grew 5.7% to $634.5 million. The